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Prayers Up: Kid Frost In ICU Battling COVID-19

Please join us in sending up prayers for Kid Frost, who is currently in an intensive care unit battling COVID-19.

The legendary Los Angeles rapper and producer took to social media writing:

And then I got hit with a ton of bricks and just like that covid hit home and im in ICU for a battle Royale it hit me hard prayers up No weapon formed against me shall prosper need My prayer Warriors to rise #covid_19

See his original post below:


Ice-T took to social media to share the news of his friend’s hospitalization and advised everyone to stay safe.

This isn’t the first battle Royale Kid Frost has had when it comes to his health.

In 2016, he was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer.

KF said it was a “wake up call” and he has since taken his health seriously and even shed some pounds.

Please say a prayer for Kid Frost and everyone who has been impacted by this pandemic.

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