Kid Cudi says he is stepping back from social media to protect his mental health.

The rapper and actor posted a series of tweets on Saturday where he said he is going to turn off his Instagram comments.

Cudi also said he plans to turn over his social media accounts to his team for them to make posts going forward.

Last, but most importantly, he stated that he is “actually very happy” and in order to maintain that – he’s stepping away from social media.

Kid Cudi tweeted:

Im turnin off all comments on IG for all posts. And im thinkin about gettin off IG all together honestly. Think ima just keep my twitter. And im only gonna do that cuz I have to. I really wanna get off all socials.

Theres a lot of love out there for me which is why i got back on socials, but some of the sh*t I see, the trolls, I dont need to see that sh*t. For my mental.

So I think that pic is my last post. From here on out ima have my team make posts. I love yall. This was fun. Until it wasnt. ✌????????

And no im not in a bad mood or in a f**ked up place im actually very happy!! ???????????? In order to maintain that, im steppin away. I like being a mystery anyway.

You may recall Kanye West trolled Kid Cudi on social media last month because of his friendship with Pete Davidson.

While I’m not a fan of people announcing their exits from social media when they could just log off – I am happy Kid Cudi is putting his well-being over kicking it on socials.

Have you ever taken a social media break?