Keyshia Cole is trending in the streets of social media as people react to her short-lived romance with former NFL star Antonio Brown.

Apparently, sparks began between the two after they collaborated on a song for AB’s album, Paradigm.

During an interview, Antonio shared how the collaboration came about. 

Their collaboratio is titled, “Don’t Leave.” 

Watch the official music video below. 

Keyshia, who had been adamant about staying focused, working on herself, and practicing celibacy, recently took to social media to announce she fell off of the celibacy wagon.

See the clip below. (Courtesy of TSR)

She then took to her Instagram Story to add context to why she was no longer celibate. 

The R&B singer posted two photos with Antonio Brown along with the captions: “Missing him a lot.”

Keyshia Cole and Antonio Brown - Missing him a lot

In turn, Antonio posted a video clip of a woman’s lower back with an “AB” tattoo on it and the caption read: 

You Ain’t Pimpin Until You Hit An RnB Diva

#Free Agent #KeepPimpin

See the post below. (Courtesy of TSR)

It is assumed, but not confirmed, that the tattoo of AB’s initials are on Keyshia Cole’s back.

Keyshia responded to AB’s disrespectful post by apologizing to him.

She commented: 

This the second time you posted this @AB but the captions changed 😒 don’t be mad at me no more babe, I said I apologize🥹

See her original comment below.

Keyshia Cole comment about Antonio Brown post

Folks were flabbergasted! 

Tituss Burgess shocked

Despite his disrespect, Keyshia was still head over heels and hoping for the best. 

She even thanked a fan who said she was rooting for her and AB. 

Keyshia Cole Tweet

But, as the smoke cleared it appears Keyshia got more clarity and came to the realization Antonio Brown ain’t the one.

On Monday, Keyshia went live and shared that she is heartbroken over how Antonio switched up on her. 

So heartbroken that she experienced a physical reaction that made her wonder if she was having a heart attack. 

Watch video from the live below. 

By Tuesday morning, Keyshia had picked up her feelings and shared the following post on her Instagram Story: 

Yea I was big trippin..smh I see it now.

I have a 12 year old. Like that type of disrespect for what..

Nothing is worth that level of disrespect, especially when u don’t deserve it.

Had so much love, respect and admiration fa you. Guess that wasn’t mutual either.

See the post below. (Courtesy of TSR)

In response, Antonio Brown took to his Instagram Live and after a bunch of useless rambling, he said:

Keyshia Cole, I’m a player.

We don’t want you, Keyshia. 

Stay off my d**k, you heard?

Watch his live below. 

Keyshia Cole is currently trending in the streets of Twitter as people digest and react to all of this. 

Read the tweets below. 

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