It’s been a long road for Keyshia Cole and her mother, Frankie Lons.

Over the weekend, the singer shared she is trying to remain “hopeful and optimistic” after Frankie checked herself into a rehab facility rather than being forced or encouraged to go by her family.

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Keyshia wrote:

My day today. ? happy YOU DECIDED ON YOUR OWN, to check YOURSELF INTO a facility to get treatment. Its only been two weeks but, I’m trying to be hopeful and optimistic ?

Maybe that’s what’ll make THIS TIME different. This being what YOU WANTED AND NO ONE ELSE…….. Maybe this is the YEAR IN ALL ASPECTS !!!!! GREATNESS ??? #Mom

See Keyshia Cole’s original post below:

This is great news.

Please join me in sending positive energy to Frankie as she works to better herself.