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Kevin Hart is facing a $390,000 lawsuit from AIM Hospitality Group LLC for a canceled appearance in 2018.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday.

According to Maksim Vladimirskiy, the president of AIM Hospitality Group LLC, Kevin Hart agreed to appear at an afterparty event on July 28, 2018, at the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan.

The party was to take place after Hart’s New Jersey stand up performance.

Hart also agreed to make two Instagram post to promote the party.

Vladimirskiy agreed to pay Hart $26,000 for the appearance, and he gave him $10,000 in advance as a deposit on April 9th, according to court papers.

AIM says they spent $12,000 advertising the event.

As the party date got closer, Vladimirskiy noticed that Hart did not make any Instagram post to promote the appearance.

By early July 2018 Vladimirskiy felt like Hart had no intention of honoring the agreement so he asked for a refund of the $10,000 deposit.

In 2019 Vladimirskiy learned that Hart’s appearance at the party had been canceled on May 18, 2018, but Hart’s agent never informed AIM.

Hart’s lawyers told AIM in 2019 that a refund of the $10,000 deposit was issued to the wrong people, according to the court documents.

The suit states Hart’s employees “willfully disregarded their contractual obligations by using delay tactics and making false promises to perform.”

The suit also states “defendants recklessly issued a refund to the wrong party and without any attempt to fix the careless error made excuses for their own mismanagement of accounts.”

AIM is suing Hart, his two companies, his agent, and an exec at one of his companies for a total of $390,000 in damages, according to court papers.

I’m not sure how AIM came to such a high figure, but I guess they are using the go big or go home motto.

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