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Kevin Hart Buys Billboards Advertising Nick Cannon’s Cell Phone Number

Payback is a mutha! Kevin Hart upped the ante on Nick Cannon in their prank wars.

You may recall, Nick sent Kevin a llama as a prank on his birthday.

Well, Kevin purchased multiple digital billboards with Nick’s real phone number posted on them!

The billboard reads:

For any advice on fatherhood?

Call my best friend Nick Cannon

Hey guys! Here is his cell #


Kevin posted a photo of the billboard with the caption:

Since my brother @nickcannon decided to buy me a lama for my B Day I decided to do something nice for him as well….Here is a digital billboard in Los Angeles….I also did some in ATL & NY….if u want any advice on fatherhood please call my BEST FRIEND @nickcannon ….I’m sure his phone has been ringing nonstop ???????????????????????? GOTCHA BACK B**CH #PRANKWARS

See his original post below.

Nick Cannon’s phone has been ringing off the hook thanks to Kevin Hart!

He’s being good sport about it by answering the calls – even the FaceTime calls!

This is Hee-Larry-Us.

But, Nick better clear the line in case one of his baby mama’s is trying to reach him.

Your thoughts?

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