Kevin Gates Posts New Video Promo & Fans Question Where Is Dreka

Kevin Gates has fans confused with his most recent Instagram video promo with model Ashlee Jenae because a few months ago fans celebrated his reconciliation with his wife Dreka Gates.

Ironically, both of these instances are alleged through music videos.

A few months ago Kevin released a song called “Breakfast,” and his wife was the lead female love interest in the very racy video.

Many fans had mixed emotions about the reconciliation because there are rumors that Kevin Gates has issues with monogamy, but others were happy to see the couple work through their struggles.

Scoop some comments below:

Dreka Gates comment 1.
Dreka Gates comment 2.
Dreka Gates comment 3.
DG comment 4
DG comment 5.

Fast-forward two and a half months to present day, and Kevin posted a video promo clip of his song “Trying to Forgive” with model Ashlee Jenae.

Fans immediately started going up for Dreka in the comments.

Kevin Gates comment 1.
Kevin Gates comment 2.
Kevin Gates comment 3.
KG comment 4.
KG comment 5.

Logically thinking, the post could be just Kevin playing up his love interest in a new video, but some behind-the-scenes video footage reveals him calling Ashlee some pet names.

View some behind-the-scenes video footage of “Trying 2 Forgive” courtesy of “g MAG TV” below:

Kevin and Dreka wed in 2015, and they have a son and a daughter together.

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