Kevin Ford, the Burger King employee who went viral after posting a trifling goodie bag he received after 27 years of service, recently reunited with his grandkids on the “Today” show.

Kevin Ford missed his first day of work recently to appear on the “Today” show to express his gratitude for the outpouring of support he’s received since posting his video.

The GoFundMe page that his daughter created on June 20 has reached over $277k. Which is a testament to how many people were touched by Kevin’s story.

The “Today” show recapped Kevin’s store before bringing him out on set.

While on set, Kevin talked about how grateful he is for everything.

And then, they surprised him with a visit from his grandkids, whom he hadn’t seen in four years.

Kevin lit up, and he was overcome with emotions. He shed tears of joy as he hugged and talked to his grandkids.

His daughter, who made the GoFundMe page, accompanied his grandkids, and she spoke about how much she loves her father and how deserving he is for all the blessings that have recently come his way.

Watch the video below:

Kevin Ford has enough money now to leave Burger King and start his own business.

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