Keri Hilson Posts Baby Bump Photo & Sets Social Media Ablaze

Keri Hilson set social media ablaze on Friday when she posted a photo of her baby bump.

The singer and actress only dropped two emoji’s in the caption: ??

See the original post and photo below:

People are stunned in the streets of social media as some try to figure out who the baby’s father is.

The fellas are in mourning.

Peep a few tweets below:

The memo many people seem to have missed is Keri Hilson is currently filming a Lifetime movie with Swirl Films titled, “Lust,” and the baby bump is part of her role.

She attempted to give folks a hint with the tags on the photo.

You may recall Demetria McKinney did something similar a few years ago for a role she was playing on “Saints and Sinners.”

While it’s harmless…the attention-seeking is a tad annoying.

But, congrats on the new role.

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