Keri Hilson via YouTube and Teairra Mari via Instagram

Keri Hilson took accountability and issued an apology after Teairra Mari threatened to “whoop her a—“ for rehashing their old beef.

Things went awry following comments Keri made during her appearance on the “R&B Money” Podcast with Tank and J Valentine.

During the “I Ain’t Saying No Names” segment of the show, Keri Hilson recalled how a singer attended her show and sat in the front row with her arms folded the entire time with “I don’t want to be here” energy.

Keri Hilson mimicking Teairra Mari at her show

She didn’t want to be there and it was very obvious, and I felt disrespected by that. So when they came to my dressing room backstage, I said something and we almost got to scrapping….it could’ve got real ugly.

Keri went on to add that the unnamed singer was being “intentionally rude” like she “wanted to get slapped.”

Because she wasn’t allowed to say the name of the singer who she had an issue with, Keri Hilson offered a hint by noting that the person is “pretty insignificant at this point.” 

Watch the clip below. (1:50:00 mark)

They always say a hit dog will holler!

Teairra Mari just caught wind of Keri Hilson’s month-old interview.

So, she slid into the comment section of a blog on Instagram and threatened the “Knock You Down” singer.

Y’all people gotta leave me alone. I don’t bother anybody, just leave me the f— alone! So now, Keri!

What’s up you wanna fight or do you not want to fight because I’m gonna whoop your a— when I see you.

I’m sick of you people bothering me! You had a whole different story when I was in your face. You’re a liar b—!!

Keri Hilson isn’t interested in the smoke.

So, she opted to take accountability for her remarks on the “R&B Money” podcast and she issued a sincere apology to Teairra Mari.

Since then, we’ve run into each other, apologized, partied together & gotten past that.

I’m responding to this because I don’t wanna allow anything to bring us back to a place we’ve long passed.

And since it was a public story that got connected to you in public, it deserves a public apology.

I’m sorry for telling the story especially with the energy & hurtful words that I used. It was unnecessary. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Because my feelings and energy at this point, in this present moment are nothing but love…no ill will or vitriol towards you.

It’s an old story that I see now that we’ve both told. I hope you’re doing well in this season & wishing you all the best in life.

Keri Hilson also stated that she didn’t know Teairra Mari had publicly spoken about their situation in the past, which ultimately killed the anonymity of her story.

You may recall that in a 2010 interview with DJ Scream, Teairra Mari gave her version of what happened between her and Keri.

Teairra claims she was bopping to the show, but was in her phone responding to text messages from her cousin, who was watching her dog. 

She said after the show, she went backstage to greet Keri, who referred to as a “lil stanky” and she simply looked at her hand with disgust. 

Teairra Mari added that if it were to ever happen again she would “slap the b—!”

It’s unclear if Teairra Mari has accepted Keri Hilson’s apology or if she’s going to put da paws on her when they see each other.

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