Kenya Moore Says She Regrets Not Getting A Prenup Because Her Divorce Has Been Pending For Over 2 Years

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and former Miss USA Kenya Moore recently visited the “Tamron Hall Show” and revealed she regrets not getting a prenup.

Kenya is currently going through a divorce from her husband, Marc Daly, whom she married in June 2017 and separated from in September 2019.

Kenya filed for divorce in August 2021.

They have a 4-year-old daughter together.

Marc and Kenya appeared on “Tamron Hall” back in 2019, and she discussed how marriage and motherhood changed her.

Three days later, news broke that her marriage was over.

She told People magazine:

…due to recent and ongoing circumstances, I can no longer continue in the marriage…

Last Spring she told “ET”:

I think where I went wrong in my marriage is that I lost my voice, is that I thought that I had to be a different kind of person to make marriage work, someone that says ‘yes’ and doesn’t speak up and just goes along to get along. And that is completely false.

Kenya got emotional on the show when Tamron played back a clip of her husband holding their daughter and talking about being a supportive partner.

She confessed that during that time they were having problems, but they were hopeful that counseling would help.

We were having problems and there was always this hope that we can get over it.

You know, that we can go to counseling and that it could be better.

And doing your show was like a highlight of our lives because it was the first time he was like really supportive of me, our whole family was together…

And when we got back to Atlanta we did a filming for “Real Housewives,” and it was like this huge event that we had put a lot of energy into, and it was a struggle to like work through our differences.

Even during the show, and a lot of it was exposed, just how we weren’t getting along, or we weren’t on the same page, or as I said before, I felt like my voice was stifled a lot because I felt like I had to be a certain kind of person and wife to get along with him and his personality.

And that’s not what a marriage is about.

Later in the interview, Kenya said she use to date an NBA agent who taught her the importance of a prenup, and she use to be Pro-prenup but she didn’t get one in her marriage because her husband was adamant about not having one.

I always say prenup for everyone because it protects both parties.

I use to date an NBA agent, and he would see all of these guys, you know, that made a hundred million dollars, and they get married, and then it was taken away.

So he would always tell me, you know, prenups protect, he would show me the prenups, and I understood it.

But, when it came to my marriage, I said I wanted prenup, he was adamant about not having one, and I regret not having one because my divorce right now is taking over two years now.

Because we didn’t have a prenup.

Watch the clip from the Kenya Moore interview on “Tamron Hall” below:

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