In case you were busy over the weekend and missed it – Gary Owen‘s wife, Kenya Duke, has filed for divorce after nearly 20 years of marriage.

[No Joke! Gary Owen Wife Kenya Duke Files For Divorce]

Kenya took to the streets of Instagram to get a few things off of her chest and sis was so mad that her message left everyone confused AF!

She posted (then deleted):

Dallas, TX – I have all your info

I am going to deal with you in a minute, I am a little busy now.

You can have him but you can’t disrespect me and my kids in the process.

@GaryOwenComedy let her know a storm is coming.

Tried to be quiet out of respect for my kids but @claudiajordan has me on one this morning. 23 years together Gary didn’t have sh*t but a raggedy pick up and a good credit, no place to live.

Dallas, TX your old ass should know better – Married not separated-married

@GaryOwenComedy all the energy you spent lying, acting and creating a fake narrative for these b**ches that want to be me, you could have done it with a veggie burger and a glass of fake filtered water

#whitewomenarenotinvolved #notclaudia #claudiasfriend #draggingmebackto98th/MacArthur street mindset ????????‍♀️ I’ve worked so hard and come so far, I bought a package of 5 therapy sessions but they don’t start until the 29th???? Happy Monday

See the original post courtesy of TSR:

Based on the context clues, Gary Owen was allegedly cheating Kenya Duke with one of Claudia Jordan’s friends.

[Claudia Jordan ‘Aggravated’ After Being Dragged Into Gary Owen’s Divorce Drama By Kenya Duke]

Is that how this reads to you? ????