Kenya Duke took to the streets of Instagram on Friday (November 5) and aired her ex, Gary Owen, out again…this time over the mortgage.

She wrote:

@garyowencomedy (aka Trevor from Bumble) can you please stop lying about paying the mortgage, I paid it. Let me know, if you want the receipt.

Those squatters that you talk about living here, they don’t. We only got 1 problem a lying narcissist and he don’t live here no more. I am over here doing me.

We don’t bother you at all for nothing. You push too far. The daddy you so viciously talk about on stage, about how terrible he was to you, when he was in his 20’s is who you are at 48 years old.

We haven’t had a meeting yet about this divorce and you are already starting. Podcast dropping Nov 18th and I got some stuff to talk about. “

You ain’t got to lie, Craig. You ain’t got to lie” #2mics1divorce #Damn

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Kenya Duke and Gary Owen split earlier this year after 18 years of marriage and it’s been more bad blood than a Taylor Swift song ever since.