Kenneth Foote-Smith shared a chilling account of the horrific New York City subway shooting that happened on Tuesday, April 12.

Kenneth was on his everyday commute on the train, and he was a car away from where the shooting began.

He realized something terrible was going on when they pulled away from the 56th Street stop, and they heard a loud bang that sounded like glass breaking.

Everyone on the train he was on stood up, and hastily moved toward the conductor’s door.

Then they heard three loud bangs that were different from the first bang and much closer.

He realized there was a man banging on the subway doors trying to open them up with all his strength, but the doors were not moving.

He then noticed smoke filling up the car, and once his eyes adjusted to the smoke he saw female faces pressed against the glass of the subway connector door.

They were screaming and banging on the door.

He then realized that the man banging on the door was fighting for his life, and that’s when he knew something was “very very wrong.”

This all took place before the gunshots happened.

Kenneth said his train stopped at a red signal stop at 36th Street before they could pull up to the platform, and that’s when they heard three or four quick gunshots.

Everyone on his train heard the gunshots, and they started pleading with the conductor to move the train.

When the conductor finally came out the smoke had completely filled the car, and people began to spill out onto the small platform between the trains.

Meanwhile, a man tried to open the subway connector door from the inside and the door jammed.

Kenneth and the passengers inside the car were forced to watch people scream, struggle, and fight for their lives.

They heard more gunshots before the train finally made it to the platform.

When Kenneth was able to get out of the train, he saw people with gunshot wounds, he saw people stumbling in a panic, pushing each other over, coughing and choking on the smoke.

The first leading voice amongst the chaos he heard was a conductor who directed people to get on an R train several seconds after the N train stopped. 

Kenneth said his first thought on the R train was if the shooter was still out there because he heard various descriptions of the shooter, and he didn’t know what to believe.

Watch the GMA video below:

Kenneth Foote-Smith described the incident as something out of a horror movie.

The alleged shooter has been identified and arrested.