Kendra G blasts DaniLeigh

Kendra G took to the airwaves of Chicago and the streets of social media to blast DaniLeigh for allegedly trying to have her removed from the singer’s scheduled interview at 107.5 WGCI FM.

Watch below as Kendra G aired DaniLeigh out, pulled her entire CarFax Report, and read her like a bedtime story.

This latest request to have someone removed from their place of employment for her comfort comes less than a week after DaniLeigh had B. Simone benched while she filmed an episode of “Wild ‘N Out.

In the case of B. Simone, DaniLeigh admitted she made the request in order to protect her peace and to prevent things from being “awkward” considering their beef over DaBaby.

But, DaniLeigh is denying any knowledge of this situation involving Kendra G.

She took to her Instagram Story writing, “Ok this isn’t true…???? wassupppp y’all??? Whaaats going on ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ I’ve never heard anything about this interview.”

DaniLeigh reacts to Kendra G

Kendra stood 10 toes down in her accusations. She returned to social media writing, “To be clear. I have NO Reason to lie. Furthermore, I work at a professional radio station that would never allow me to make a claim like this if it wasn’t true. Period.”

DaniLeigh and Kendra G are trending on social media as people react and share their thoughts on the situation.

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