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Kelly Rowland Starts Her Son’s School Year Off With Positive Affirmations

Kelly Rowland recently sent her son off with some amazing positive affirmations to get his school year started.

Kelly Rowland is preparing her son for an amazing school year by equipping him with positive affirmations.

The Grammy Award-winning singer and actress video on Instagram of her writing the affirmations on his mirror.

In the video, she said:

Good morning all. Please disregard the wig cap.

Um, It was put on my heart to write this for my son this morning.

The school year is starting and in his moments of self-doubt I just really wanted this to ring so loud for him, and he would be able to see it, see himself in the mirror, and be able to kind of make it a mantra for himself.

I am wonderfully made by God.

I am kind. I am loved!!!

I make good decisions!

I am smart!

I am black boy joy!

I can do all things, God said so!

Kelly Rowland captured her post:


A daily reminder for our babies!!


See Kelly’s original IG post below:

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Kelly Rowland shares two sons with her husband, Tim Weatherspoon, Titan Jewell, 8, and Noah Jon, 2.

Shouts out to Kelly Rowland for being an AWESOME mom.

What’s your favorite affirmation?

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