Kelly Rowland recently took the opportunity to tell how hurt she was by the actions of Rosita in the viral Sesame Place video and how ridiculous their apology was.

Kelly and Bresha Webb were at the Los Angeles premiere of NOPE when she expounded on her IG post about the viral Sesame Place video.

In a since-deleted IG post Kelly wrote:

TF!! This just made me So mad!!

I am pissed off! Please believe I will not be quiet about this blatant disrespect to my babies @sesameplace trust me I’m not done 

Kelly said she was raised on “Sesame Street,” and she loves its educational value, but she was livid by the viral video of the Rosita character making two beautiful little girls feel like they were not there.

She said she would’ve burned the place down had she been in that situation, and she reiterated that she loves “Sesame Street,” but she doesn’t know what Sesame Place is.

To lighten the mood, “ET” host Kevin Frazier asked Kelly about the upcoming Beyoncé album, Renaissance, but Kelly didn’t spill one bean.

Watch the video below:

Kelly Rowland is a mother to two young, handsome boys, Titan Weatherspoon, who is seven, and Noah Weatherspoon, who is one, whom she shares with her husband, Tim Weatherspoon.

Source: Page Six