Kel Mitchell talks about his tumultous relationship with his ex-wife on 'Club Shay Shay' (via Instagram)

Kel Mitchell opened up about his tumultuous relationship with his ex-wife, Tyisha Hampton, and how he ultimately ended up having to undergo an exorcism to remove a hex she put on him.

During an interview on Shannon Sharpes “Club Shay Shay,” the comedian, actor, and Good Burger 2 star recalled how his ex-wife got pregnant and underwent an abortion.

She later revealed the baby wasn’t his.

Kel Mitchell said his ex got pregnant again, by another man.

At some point, the marriage became sexless, and Kel said his ex-wife began cheating with another man.

One night, when she didn’t come home, Kel says he drove around looking for her and found her car at a hotel.

He entered the hotel room and confronted his wife and the other man.

Eventually, the police were called, and an officer advised him to get out of the situation.

However, Kel Mitchell says he stayed to make it work for their kids.

After more cheating and pregnancies (where he wasn’t the father), he ultimately reached his breaking point and left.

Watch the clip below.

After leaving the marriage, Kel revealed that he learned his ex-wife had put a hex on him.

He then detailed going through an exorcism and having multiple demons speaking out through him.

Watch below as he explains.

Kel Mitchell is now a devout man of God, happily married to Asia Lee, and they share two beautiful children together.

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