Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer took to the streets of Twitter to speak out about breast milk discrimination.

The 29-year-old new mom had an unpleasant experience at the Houston airport that “ruined” her mood.

Keke said there was even a threat to throw out her baby’s milk.

Breast milk discrimination at the Houston airport ruined my mood.

I should’ve popped my t*t out right then because the discretion and comfort of pumping is thwarted with threats to throw out over 16oz my babies food?!?!!!

Why is that not a crime??

I’M A MOTHER for crying out loud 😩😢

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Keke and her partner, Darius Jackson, welcomed their precious baby boy, Leodis Andrellton Jackson, in February.

Keke recently shared a good word and opened up about how much her son has impacted her life.

She wrote:

In life, I truly feel there are no mistakes. There is just learning and growing, there is evolving and staying stagnant. If we don’t do anything we must love ourselves enough to keep going. We must have enough compassion for ourselves and others to give grace when we are processing and adjusting to life’s changes.

This world is so crazy and it’s so hard to understand where we are at any given time. Authenticity is sharing who you are, where you are AT THAT TIME. If people can’t understand that then maybe they’re only meant for that time, during that phase, and not forever.

My son has given me SO much. More than anything he has shown me how deserving I have ALWAYS BEEN! And it’s crazy because, I thought I KNEW! But boy, did I have no idea.

See her original post below.

Hopefully, airports and other public spaces will stop the nonsense when it comes to breast milk discrimination.

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