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Keke Palmer recently reached out to Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris, via social media, to share an idea about people with EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) cards being able to attain healthy food free.

Here is Keke’s original tweet to VPE Kamala Harris:


Initially, I didn’t have a problem with Keke’s tweet to VPE Kamala Harris because I interpreted it as her suggesting that EBT recipients have healthier food options for free, but they would also be able to get whatever other foods they desire.

The tweet that Keke sent to VP-elect Kamala Harris was somewhat of a remixed version of the tweet she sent out earlier.


The Twitterverse was not feeling Keke’s suggestion, and they had no problem letting her know.


Keke also shared her idea on her Instagram account with some supporting context.


I think Keke actually has a good idea, but I don’t think she articulated her idea correctly. Her tweet to VPE Kamala Harris implies that an EBT recipient would be allowed to attain healthy foods at no cost to the card, but the unhealthy foods would accrue cost on the card, but her earlier tweet implies that only healthy foods could be purchased with the EBT card.

Keke’s Instagram post also implies that healthy food would not accrue cost on the EBT card, but the pic of her Twitter post, inside her Instagram post, contradicts her supporting context.

Keke spent a lot of time this morning defending her idea against skeptics, but some of her fans had her back.


What do you think of Keke’s EBT idea?

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