Vertical Entertainment and RoadsideFlix have released the first trailer for Krystin Ver Linden’s highly anticipated directorial debut, Alice, starring Keke Palmer.

About The Film:

Alice (Keke Palmer) yearns for freedom as an enslaved person on a rural Georgia plantation under its brutal and disturbed owner Paul (Jonny Lee Miller).

After a violent clash with Paul, she flees through the neighboring woods and stumbles onto the unfamiliar sight of a highway, soon discovering the year is actually 1973.

Rescued on the roadside by a disillusioned political activist named Frank (Common), Alice quickly comprehends the lies that have kept her in bondage and the promise of Black liberation.

Inspired by true accounts, Alice is a modern empowerment fable tracing Alice’s journey through the post-Civil Rights Era American South.

Release Date:

March 18, 2022

Watch The Trailer:

Keke took to Twitter to announce the film to her fans writing:

I’m so excited to give you all an exclusive look into #AliceMovie!!! This film is very close to my heart & I poured my soul into my character, Alice. I hope you love her as much as I do ❤️‍???? In theaters March 18.

During a panel discussion at the Sundance Film Festival, Keke shared her thoughts on the importance of telling different perspectives on slavery in America:

A big thing to remember is that its not to kick anything in the teeth, but It’s to give a different perspective.

That [Roots] is one story, one version of how we perceive our history.

But the big conversation is that we need more, we especially need different narratives and I think we as Black Americans need narratives that aren’t always coming from a position of, ‘I feel so bad for you, can you believe?’

Let’s not only view history in this way, let’s open it up and allow us to see the real truth which is: only the strong survived.

I will be on time for Alice when it opens in theaters.

In addition to Alice, Keke Palmer is set to star in the forthcoming Jordan Peele film, NOPE, as well as Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear.

How about you?