Keke Palmer Announces ‘True Jackson, VP’ Reboot (Video)

Keke Palmer has set the streets of social media on fire after she announced her 2008 hit Nickelodeon comedy series, “True Jackson, VP,” is getting a reboot!

In the series, Keke starred as 15-year-old True Jackson, who becomes the VP of her favorite fashion company, Mad Style. As she dives deeper into the world of fashion, True must balance the life of a teenager and a Vice President, with the help of her friends Lulu and Ryan.

The show ran for three seasons before it was canceled in 2011.

Keke Palmer announced the exciting news via Tik Tok as she danced to the song she recorded for the show’s theme song.

The caption on the video read, “When they cancelled True Jackson VP prematurely just to reboot it in 2021.”

Keke shared the video on Twitter writing, “Congrats! Another reboot! Y’all made this happen ???

Peep the tweet and video below:

Congratulations to Keke! Sis keeps a secured bag!

Are you excited about the reboot?

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