Katrina ‘Kat Tat’ Johnson recently took to her IG account to show off her adorable baby boy Jackson Fredrick Collins.

Jackson Fredrick Collins ???????????? 8 lbs 10 oz. Welcome to the world baby boy. I am so so so in love. Never knew happiness like this before. My world is complete!

Jackson is Kat’s first and only child with her boyfriend Detroit Lions linebacker Jamie Collins, and the couple is completely in love with their new bundle of joy.

See the original post below:

Kat left the “Black Ink” franchise after an entanglement with shop owner Ryan Henry, and she opened up her own luxury tattoo shop Enigma Beverly Hills last year.

Enigma is the first female black-owned tattoo parlor in Beverly Hills and all of Los Angeles.

Congrats to Katrina ‘Kat Tat’ Jackson and Jamie Collins on the adorable addition to their family.