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Kash Doll Relishes Motherhood: ‘It’s Like My Life Just Started’

Kash Doll gushes about motherhood

Motherhood is the best thing that has ever happened to Kash Doll.

The Detroit rapper and “BMF” star welcomed her first child, Kashton, with her longtime boo, Tracy T, on January 6.

When announcing the birth of her son, Kash wrote:

Call me crazy but i think i found the love of my life ???? ❤️ (I’ve never felt this way before y’all somebody finally have me wrapped around his finger) Kashton Prophet Richardson has stolen my heart ❤️

His ears brown y’all ????


See her original post below.

Kash Doll is relishing motherhood.

She recently took to Twitter writing:

A baby will change your whole mindset!! I’m talking bout your vision become so much more 20/20! A lot of shit i usually be so generous about be having me like… nah i rather make money!

My grind and ambition changed January 6th 2022… everything in my life has to make cents! Literally.

My son is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Y’all wtf was i doing before he was born? It’s like life just started 1/6 2022.

Y’all i lived so freely before having Kashton but nowwwwwww nahhhh i live with a purpose..!

See her original tweets below.

Kash is loving motherhood so much that she is already pondering about having a baby girl.

I’m so happy for Kash Doll and all of the wonderful things happening in her life.


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