Kash Doll announces she's pregnant on her 32nd birthday (Instagram)

Kash Doll is pregnant! The Detroit rapper and former “BMF” star is expecting baby No. 2 with her boyfriend, Tracy T

She announced the joyful baby news on Thursday, March 14, coinciding with her 32nd birthday!

Kash Doll, who is 27 weeks pregnant, took to Instagram to write: 

It’s my birthday and God bless me with another one!!!

This birthday is special bc I’m sharing it with my last child 🥹 so no drinks, no snatch waist, no outside but listen y’all I’m so grateful and blessed to b in the position I’m in i wouldn’t trade my hand with no oneee!! ❤️🤰🏾

See her original post below, which includes a video of her debuting her baby bump and a few gorgeous photos. 

Kash, whose real name is Arkeisha Antoinette Knight, found out she was expecting in October while celebrating Tracy’s birthday in Turks and Caicos. 

We were having fun. I was drinking and kept getting sick. I couldn’t keep anything down! I took a test and it said yes!

Kash Doll turned her pregnancy news into a birthday surprise for Tracy T. 

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I gave Tracy a bankroll of money for his birthday, and I clipped the pregnancy test on the back. When he turned it over, he started smiling. I took a video of it. He was so happy.”

Kash Doll and Tracy T, aged 42, started dating in March 2021 after initially connecting through their professional endeavors.

They welcomed their son, Kashton Prophet Richardson, on January 6, 2022. 

According to the “Ridin” rapper, Kashton is very excited to welcome a sibling. 

He loves babies already. When he sees babies, he gets so excited. He wants to touch them, hug them and feed them.”

Kash Doll shared her excitement about welcoming another bundle of joy.

What I am most excited about is just extending my family and having more offspring and leaving my legacy behind. I’m excited to teach them this thing called life.”

Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Kash Doll.

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