Kandi recently posted an enticing preview of her forthcoming interview with Grammy-nominated singer Nivea, who appears to be open, honest, and willing to talk about anything.

Per the preview, Kandi asks Nivea some tough questions about bad management, her mother’s drug addiction, and her industry relationships.

Nivea has moments where she becomes very emotional during the interview, but she pushes through and continues to tell her story.

Watch the preview below:

This looks like it’s going to be a great interview, and I’m sure the fact that Kandi and Nivea are friends made things a lot easier for both parties.

There is no release date set for the interview, but subscribe to Kandi’s YouTube channel KandiOnline for updates.

Nivea can be seen on “BET Presents The Encore” on Wednesday nights at 10 PM, and she can still really sang. She is my favorite singer on the show and her facial expressions are hilarious.

Your thoughts?