Kandi Burruss shared her personal body enhancement journey with cosmetic surgery on a recent episode of her online show “Speak On It.”

She said she wanted to start a series about cosmetic surgery to keep it real with the fans of celebrities who’ve had work done.

Kandi says the idea came to her to do the series because she knows that a lot of women desire bodies that they see on TV, and even though the women would never admit to having surgery she wanted to share what doctors did their work for those interested in attaining similar results.

Kandi was very honest about the surgeries she has had in the past, and she expressed that she recently had a breast reduction after having them enhanced in the past.

She documented her breast reduction journey on the episode, and she discussed with the doctor some of her reactions to past surgeries.

The doctor did a great job explaining why she had certain reactions and the best way to eliminate those reactions.

Watch the video below:

Shout out to Kandi Burruss for keeping it honest and sharing her cosmetic surgery journey.

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