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K. Michelle is welcoming Beyoncé to Country music with open arms!

The singer and former reality TV star began receiving unnecessary digs when Beyoncé revealed her Act II of Renaissance would offer Country music. 

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‘Country Music Is Who I Am’ – K. Michelle

But, if you’ve been following K. Michelle’s career in any way shape, or form you know that she absolutely loves and adores Country music.

But, as a Black woman in music, she was urged to sing R&B music.

Basically, I was told that going into R&B was the only route, or at least the easiest route.

So, that’s what I did. But there was always this little piece of loneliness and a sadness in me because I couldn’t do what I know I was supposed to do.

Country music is who I am.

In 2021, K. Michelle moved to Nashville and submerged herself in the Country music community.

The people around me convinced me that it was time to live. 

I just had been feeling so empty.

I moved to Nashville, and it was the best experience of my life.

I could live my life and it’s right up the street from my parents.

K. Michelle revealed she has been working with Morgan Wallen on her forthcoming Country album and she has collaborated with Justin Champagne on “Country Love Song.” 

Watch a few clips of K. Michelle creating Country music with her team below.

Shortly, after learning Beyoncé was moving into Country music on her next release someone tweeted, “Has anyone checked on @kmichelle Bey will bring pressure to Country music‼️💯

K. Michelle reacted to the tweet writing: 

Why would anyone need to check on me.

I’m one of the greatest African American country singers of all times with no album even out.

Yall been mentioning me ALL night.

I’m just happy to be spoke about in my genre.

I love Bey and will be supporting her like i always do❤️❤️

See her original tweet below. 

Social Media Reactions

See more tweets about K. Michelle below. 

I’m not sure where the mentality that only one Black person can thrive in a space at one time or if two of us are in a space someone’s light is dimmed by the other.

Let both of these talented Queens collect their Country things! 

Oh, and before you go…K. Michelle’s latest single, “This Man,” has me in a vice grip!

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