Look at God! K. Michelle and Keyshia Cole have finally squashed their beef.

Not only have they squashed their beef, but they also talked about the possibility of releasing a joint EP together.

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According to K. Michelle, the reconciliation went down on Clubhouse.

So last night on clubhouse was a great moment for the culture. Me and @KeyshiaCole squashed any little misunderstandings we had like adults and sang songs together all night. Y’all might even see a joint EP????????????❤️

She went on to add:

I’m just all about positivity and making great music with some great people❤️

See the original tweets below:

This is great to see considering the beef between the ladies was pure nonsense in the first place.

Back in 2020, Keyshia Cole posted a subliminal message about people being “fake” and K. Michelle posted her own subliminal message saying, “But, you the fakest one.”

Like I said…nonsense.

It’s good to see them moving past the BS.

Would you be here for a K&K EP?