K. Michelle has released her brand new single, “Scooch,” for your listening pleasure. 

The single will be featured on K.’s new (and last) R&B album. 

In the song, K. Michelle sings:

Boy I hope I ain’t too forward. 
Might be too much for you. 
But tonight I’m coming over to be the one. 
(Scoot on over) 
Make some space 
(Scoot on over) 
For me tonight….
Let me know if you got room (Scoot on over) for me. 
(Scooch on over.) to be in your life.
I’m on my way tonight.
So, scoot on over you better make room for me. 
Baby, (scoot on over). 
Next to you is where I’m trying to be. 
You need (scooch on over)
I could keep you rock hard steady so, (scoot on over) 
So you better have my pillow ready.

Get into the single below. 

Are you SCOOPING or SCRAPPING K. Michelle’s new single?