K. Michelle took to the streets of Twitter to defend flashing her fans during a recent concert in Houston.

A video clip is making its rounds on social media and it shows the singer and reality TV star performing “The Rain.”

At one point, K, who is seated in a chair, flashes the crowd and continues to sing.

Watch below.

Someone tweeted K. Michelle saying “I don’t understand this one,” and she responded:

What the f**k is for you to understand. I’ve been on MY STAGE, flashing MY FANS, for over 6 years now every show.

If you have never been there or understand that’s your problem not mine. Now do you understand that?

See her original tweet below.

At this point in the game, I thought everyone knew K. Michelle has a very special relationship with her fans and they have no issues with seeing her girls at the show!

Anywho, have you been watching “My Killer Body with K. Michelle?”

Your thoughts?