On a recent episode of Bleacher Report’sUntold Stories with Master Tesfatsian,” Justin Tuck shares a locker room story of an epic locker room rap battle between Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora.

According to Justin Tuck, back in his playing days rap battles in the Giants locker room was a common thing.

At the time Michael Strahan was the leader of the defense and Osi was the new kid on the block with the new big contract claiming he was coming to take Strahan’s spot.

They decided to rap it out and Tuck said Osi took it so seriously that he went home and did his googles on Michael Strahan.

Osi showed up and kicked his rhymes and his teammates and Strahan were impressed by his researched bars.

Justin Tuck said Michael Strahan brought a gold mic to the battle inside a brown paper bag.

When it was Strahan’s turn to rhyme he really came off the top of the dome and responded to the bars that Osi threw at him about his divorce and who makes the most money.

Tuck said the locker room went crazy after Strahan rapped, and he made Osi look small.

Click here to watch Justin Tuck tell the story.

This was an awesome untold story from Justin Tuck! I’m sure many people, like myself, would’ve never thought that Michael Strahan had freestyle skills.

Source: Bleacher Report

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