Judge Ann Bailey Smith agreed to delay the release of the Breonna Taylor grand jury recordings at the request of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

Cameron asked for a one-week extension on Tuesday, but Judge Smith gave his office a deadline of noon Friday to submit the grand jury recordings.

Originally the recordings were due to be released by noon Wednesday (September 30).

Cameron’s office said the delay is needed to protect the interest of witnesses “in particular private citizens named in the recordings.” His office wants to “redact personal identifiers of any named person and to redact both names and personal identifiers of any private citizen.”

Sounds like BS to me!

Elizabeth Kuhn, a spokeswoman for Cameron, confirmed the judge’s decision in an email that stated the judge “granted an extension… to give us proper time to redact specific personal information of witnesses.”

The public filing of the grand jury recording is in response to Judge Smith’s order Monday for Cameron to include it as evidence in the criminal case against Hankison, the only officer charged in the case.

Cameron initially agreed to comply, but he claimed releasing the grand jury recordings could compromise a federal investigation and have unintended consequences of tainting the jury pool.

More BS!

Cameron’s office filed their motion for a one-week extension on Tuesday.

Sam Aguiar, A Louisville attorney representing the Taylor family, stated Wednesday the move was “par for the course for Daniel Cameron to blatantly mislead the public.”

“He literally told the world two days ago that he’d comply with the order, “Aguiar added. “Maybe it’s just now hitting him that the public, when they hear the truth about what happened in the proceedings, will have serious concerns about the integrity of the process. Let’s all hope this stall tactic isn’t an effort to buy time and seek writ.”

Sam is keeping it 100! It is definitely a stall tactic by Cameron to try to cover his dirty tracks.

Any decent human being knows that charging Hankison for bullets that missed Breonna Taylor and not the ones that took her life is a disgrace to humanity.

Source: USA Today