Joseline Hernandez recently had a very entertaining interview with Entertainment Tonight, and she spoke on her viral moments on “Joseline’s Cabaret” and “The Wendy Williams Show.”

ET’s Melicia Johnson did a great job chopping it up with Joseline about the coughing episode on “Joseline’s Cabaret” and the aftermath of the Wendy Williams interview.

Joseline said it was more to the coughing incident than viewers know, and she said she needs the women on her show to know that when she is talking she “don’t care if you have to take a poop… hold it!”

She also revealed that Wendy did reach out to her the day after their interview, but Joseline said she didn’t want to talk to Wendy.

[Joseline Demands Her Flowers & Recognition From Wendy Williams (Video)]

Melicia asked Joseline some great questions about her show’s depiction of black women, and Joseline responded with some very honest answers.

See the ET interview below:

Joseline is always good for some laughs, and I agree she has matured a lot from her “Love & Hip Hop” days.

It is great to see Joseline Hernandez in good spirits, and we wish her the best in all of her future endeavors.