Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris teamed up with the Ultimate Rap League to bring us the first-ever battle rap campaign ad.

The rap ad is targeted at the African American community of course, and I must admit it caught my attention.

I know skeptics will have issues with Biden and Harris using rap to encourage African Americans to vote, but I don’t have a problem with it because change is a must.

The four-minute ad is filmed primarily on a basketball court in Washington D.C. and battle rappers Charlie Clips and DNA go back and forth rapping about the democratic agenda, the importance of voting, and the current political climate.

Watch the video below:

Charlie Clips and DNA can use some work in the acting arena, but the bars are on point!

Director of Strategic Communications for Biden for President Kamau Marshall explained the intent of the ad, “Our collaboration with the Ultimate Rap League is an example of how our campaign is taking innovative approaches to engage the diverse communities across the United States. These artists are influencers within their respective communities, and we’re thrilled to showcase their artistry while delivering a key message to voters about how a Biden-Harris administration would advance Black America.”

Did you enjoy the video?

Source: HipHopDX