Regina King on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (YouTube)

Jimmy Kimmel became overwhelmed with emotion as he welcomed Regina King to his show for the first time since her son’s passing.

Ian Alexander Jr., Regina’s only child, whom she shared with her ex-husband, record producer Ian Alexander Sr., tragically died by suicide in January 2022, just days after his 26th birthday.

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Jimmy Kimmel asked the Oscar-winning actress, “How are you doing right now?

Regina answered, “Right now…I’m good.”

Good. I’m glad to hear that,” Jimmy said. “I know you’ve been through a lot the last year.

It was at that point that Jimmy Kimmel began to choke up.

Regina King, in all of her graciousness, took his hand and said in the most comforting voice, “It’s good to see you, Jimmy.” 

When Regina took Jimmy’s hand it was like she transferred her strength to him and he was able to pull himself together and finish the interview.

Watch the emotional moment below.

Regina King’s new film, Shirley, is now streaming on Netflix.


Be sure to check it out this weekend.

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