Jim Jones and Freddie Gibbs are trending in the streets of Twitter after the men allegedly had an altercation at Prime 112 in Miami.

The bad blood between the men dates back to 2014 when Gibbs called Jim a “fake gangster.”

According to reports:

Jim initially approached Freddie over some negative things that Gibbs had said about Jim in the past. 

While Jim was arguing with Freddie, someone from Jim’s crew punched Gibbs in the face. 

Freddie was then attacked personally by Jim. 

Freddie’s large bodyguard was also hit and then kicked in the face while he was down.  

DJ Akademiks, who has publicly beefed with Freddie Gibbs, is relishing in the news of the fight and is Tootsie Sliding through the streets of Twitter in his petty pants.

Despite the news of the alleged altercation spreading like wildfire, neither Jim nor Freddie have addressed it.

Peep the tweets about it below.

With all of the recent deaths of rappers, I hope Jim Jones and Freddie Gibbs can find a way to settle their differences before this goes too far.