Jim Jones Blasts Gucci Customer Service, Inside The Gucci Store

Jim Jones took to his Instagram to blast the lack of customer service he received recently inside the Gucci store.

Jim said he and his friends had been in the VIP section of the Gucci store for an hour and no one offered them any beverages or assistance.

Instead, he said he was racially profiled by his own race.

Jim said one of his friends’ had spent over $100k inside the same store in less than three months, and they still showed him no respect.

He eventually told his friend, to leave the clothes on the counter and they were leaving because “Gucci was moving dusty.”

Watch the video below:

Scoop some comments below:

Unfortunately, we have no Kleenex on hand to wipe Jimmy’s champagne or sparkling water tears.

We already know what time it is with Gucci and with all of the amazing Black-owned clothing lines that would love to have Jim Jones as a customer – he’s going where he is tolerated and not celebrated.

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