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Jill Scott Praises Chris Brown

Jill Scott is trending after she took to the streets of Twitter to celebrate and praise Chris Brown for his many talents. 

@chrisbrown is amazing. How does ANYBODY sing like THAT? Dance, look, Act and Rap… like THAT? Beyond gifted.

It appears, exceptional people have to go through exceptional 🔥. There’s nothing to debate.

Jilly from Philly’s tweet was sparked by Breezy’s explosive diss track, “Weakest Link,” aimed at Migos rapper Quavo

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After releasing the scathing diss track, “Christopher Maurice Brown” began to trend as people collectively agreed the R&B star was rapping harder than their favorite rapper. 

I think it’s safe to say Jill Scott also agrees. 

But, her celebratory tweet about Chris Brown and his talents was immediately met with pushback by someone who tweeted, “I think the women he’s abused would disagree.”

Jill responded by sharing how flawed people can still be talented. 

I doubt it.

My Mother’s ex-husband was a mean, violent human AND he could lay foundation better than anyone in my city.

What he did with cement was awe-inspiring. We got away.

He got a raise and praise for his ability. God dealt with the rest.

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When another Twitter user asked Jill Scott what her post meant, she further explained:

It means that even he had something to offer. He was sick/hurt and did cruel things.

I forgave him because of his trauma. Did I forget? Never.

So I try my best to choose better.

I’ve failed a few times but not in that abusive area.

Another commenter wrote, “I refuse to forgive men who commit crimes against women and children. They cannot be rehabilitated.”

Jill Scott responded:

And I caution those who refuse to forgive because they will undoubtedly need forgiveness at some point in their lives. 

We’re all flawed and need help. 

Power to people who move past violence.

The past is a terrible reminder AND the future is ours.

Jill concluded her Q&A by tweeting: 

Look. Years of prayer, therapy, self-reflection, & making every effort to keep my feet on the ground has made me compassionate for other human beings.

People go through 💩 and do terrible 💩.

We say we believe in God; pray for enlightenment.

We ARE a living testimony.

Jill also admitted, “Talent does not equate a good person.

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Social Media Reactions

As I mentioned at the top of this post, Jill Scott is now trending on Twitter as people react to her tweets praising Chris Brown and the subsequent tweets where she defended her stance. 

Read a few Twitter reactions below.

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