Jessica White took to the streets of Al Gore’s internet on Thursday to let folks know she is not pregnant by Nick Cannon.

The model directed and is starring in Nick’s super-steamy and new film, P.I.F., which was released via Nick’s OnlyFans account on Thursday (June 9).

Watch the teaser below.

It didn’t take long before people began speculating if Jessica White was one of the women the stork would be making a delivery to this year.

She promptly and fiercely took to Instagram to shut down the pregnancy rumors.

Jessica wrote:

Understand this! No I’m NOT pregnant.

I am a great creative force who’s focus is on business. 

Stay the hell out of my uterus because it’s invasive and disgusting especially to someone who has fertility issues. 

Nothing will get int he way of this moment for me as a female director and artist. 

I do not belong apart of tabloid flutter.

I love, and I am brilliant on my own. 

Now go watch the movie Nick Cannon trust me to write and direct for him. 

And go stream RAW&B creatively directed by me!

Please stay focused on my greatest. 

Thank you


In the caption of the post, Jessica added: 

I honestly just can’t remain silent on this matter, please focus on my creative body of work instead of false narratives. Thank you. #jessicaf*ckingwhite❤️‍🔥

See her original post below. 

In 2020, when Brittany Bell announced her second pregnancy by Nick Cannon, Jessica took to social media to profess her love for him. 

She got offended when folks told her she was in an “entanglement” and responded by opening up about having a miscarriage by Nick, as well as her fertility issues. 

A few years before, Jessica blasted Nick after he released a song called “Jessica,” which graphically detailed their sex life.

Nick discussed their fallout about the song during a recent visit to Angela Yee’s “Lip Service” podcast.

Jessica is very much in love with Nick and has been for quite some time.

After Nick gushed about the stork being on the way and people saw how he and Jessica were carrying on in that film, I could see how folks could draw the conclusion that she is the latest inductee of the Cannon Community.

Your thoughts?