Jessica White has opened up about her recent miscarriage, her infertility issues, and Nick Cannon‘s new baby.

The model took to the streets of Instagram on Saturday night to jump in on the entanglement shenanigans, but things went left when a few commenters called her out.

Jessica posted a photo of herself and Nick with the caption:

Catch me don’t let me drop, keep loving me like you do… don’t ever stop. 
#myhero thank you for all your support on my new journey. 
#mylove #noentanglementshere ???❤️❤️?

See her original post below:

A couple of commenters challenged her #NoEntanglementsHere hashtag considering the fact that Nick Cannon is expecting another child with Golden’s mother, Brittany Bell.

On person commented:

Nick is expecting another child with the amazing Ms. Bell. She really loves him and is so loyal. Do you feel like maybe you are getting in the way of all that…

Jessica responded:

@sweetbubblysugar nick and I have been together off oand on for year. Their new child was conceived when we had temporarily broken up. Any child is a blessing. This is the last time I will answer these question. I am no home wrecker at all. Nick was a free man at that time and ce be with whoever he so chooses and for years that person has always been me. That is between him and Britney I support him through thick and thin as he does the same for me. Have a blessed day. I hope this clears up people’s misconceptions as I am being honest about this situation which is delicate and complicated. With that it’s my hope to stop having to answer this nonsense and focus on the important things in life. Long life health healing spirituality and the current climate in the world as it pertains to us all. The whole world is suffering at this time I hope to see more positivity than negativity god bless you all.

Another commenter wrote:

It may not be an entanglement on your end but Issa entanglement. He gave everyone but you 2 kids a piece ? I’m not hating or teasing sis, I’m just saying that being that you are a Supermodel and he’s a cornball, you can do much much better ??‍♀️

That’s when Jessica White opened up about her miscarriage:

@therealjadefox you don’t know anything about my life . If you did you would know how my partner and I struggled with infertility. I am a good women with a good soul and recently had a miscarriage. When you all are spewing this negativity you have no idea how you hurt other women. This is a part of my life that I struggled with and frankly this is unacceptable. Who are you trying to attack? When you do this to people you are only bringing negativity and judgment to yourselves. I am choosing to clear this up once and for all. You all have no idea what I personally have gone through including the loss of my children with my partner. Please be careful with what you say to any women including me you don’t know their private pain people who have lost children go through. I will not tolerate this and I am standing up for myself and the countless other women who have infertility issues as well as the ones who have miscarried countless times. I wish you well. Think about your words they can save a town or destroy the village. Ase and be blessed.

The commenter then issued an apology:

@iamjypsywhite I must say that I am 10000% sorry sis and am almost saddened and ashamed to tears. I honestly thought that the reason you guys did not have children was due to terribly long breaks in the relationship and you being a Supermodel having a very busy schedule. Never did I ever consider infertility. I am so sorry for the loss of your kids and I will pray for the safe delivery of your first surviving child. Make sure that stress isn’t a factory. Let nobody especially your partner and his kids mother and their while situation stress you out. You will definitely be a mother but maybe he is not worthy of you. You seem so pure of heart and very undeserving of a man who has had 2 kids during your relationship. I know that you love him but do you love you as well? You’re gorgeous, smart, pure of heart, nurturing, and have a very soothing personality. You’re gonna be an excellent mother very very VERY soon. I know that I’m only on the outside looking in on your relationship but you deserve the world. Perhaps he realizes that now and will cling to you. When it comes to fertility, I heard that something called “Pregnitude” works very will. Also try to do a water manifestation because water Manifestations seem to work for me. I will do one for you this week. Good luck sis and I apologize a million times. Never will I EVER bring up the fact that someone do not have children in fear of what just happened now. ????????

See the original posts below:

This situation has all of the characteristics of an entanglement, however, Jessica White doesn’t owe anyone an explanation of what her relationship is all about.

If she likes it…sobeit. I hope Nick Cannon talks with Jessica about spilling their personal business all over social media.