Jess Hilarious, Trick Daddy via Instagram

Jess Hilarious publicly checked Trick Daddy after he went too far with his remarks about her unborn baby. 

I previously reported the comedian and new co-host of “The Breakfast Club” announced she was three months pregnant on her birthday. 


Trick Daddy Reacts To Jess’ Pregnancy News

Apparently, Trick Daddy has some sort of crush on Jess because he went on a social media rant after she announced she was expecting her second child. 

The rapper and “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star said: 

Happy Birthday to Jess Hilarious. Yeah, you let a n— shoot the club up and get pregnant from a n— …

I’mma f— that n— up! I’mma f— that n— up! You done f— up now, n—. I’m on my hater s— today. I’mma f— you up! You done got my girl pregnant. F— wrong with you. You better get her something nice for her birthday too, n—. F— wrong with you. 

N— done got Jess Hilarious pregnant. You don’t even know that n—, Jess! That baby better come out looking like you and nothing like his a—! I know that! 

Watch the video below.

Jess Hilarious Claps Back At Trick Daddy Over Baby Comments

Jess Hilarious responded to Trick Daddy’s remarks about her pregnancy over the radio airwaves saying:

So, Trick Daddy hit my phone yesterday and was like, ‘You better hope that baby ain’t ugly when it comes out.’

Like…excuse me?!

I said, ‘Well, it’s not yours so I think we good over here.’ Don’t play with me. 

I know he love me and got all of the respect in the world, but that was disrespectful to my child. 

Watch Jess’ reaction below. 

First of all…I don’t think Trick Daddy has respect for anyone. 

Secondly, this is a prime example of when people get too comfortable with you.

Do you think Trick Daddy went too far or was it simply a bad joke and Jess Hilarious is taking it too personal?

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