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Jerry Harris: Bond Denied, ‘Cheer’ Star To Remain Jailed Until Trial

UPDATE: A federal judge has denied bond for Jerry Harris forcing him to remain behind bars until he stands trial in his child pornography case. 

The judge based the decision on the prosecutor’s recommendation saying Harris demonstrated uncontrollable behavior when he was consistent in his pursuit of his alleged victims.

Original Post:

Federal prosecutors believe “Cheer” star Jerry Harris is a danger to children and they want him to remain behind bars until his trial.

Jerry, who was arrested in September for on child pornography charges, has a bond hearing scheduled for Wednesday (October 14).

Federal prosecutors filed a petition asking the judge to deny Harris’ bond because he is a danger to children.

The documents claim Jerry has exploited and violated at least five to 10 minors for more than two years.

He allegedly targeted young boys by reaching out to them by phone and persuading them to engage in sexually explicit activity.

Jerry also requested they send him sexually explicit images of themselves.

Prosecutors allege Jerry sexually assaulted a 15-year-old boy and he allegedly confessed to sexually assaulting a minor boy in an unlocked public bathroom during a cheer event.

Ugh. This is so disheartening considering who Jerry Harris appeared to be.

Source: TMZ

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