Jermaine Dupri Speaks On The Release Of The ‘Freaknik’ & The ‘Magic City’ Documentaries

Jermaine Dupri recently took to his Instagram to clear up some confusion concerning the Hulu releases of the “Freaknik” documentary and the “Magic City” documentary.

The So So Def founder recently shared the news that he is also working on a documentary about the infamous Atlanta gentlemen’s club.

The news confused some folks leading them to think that Hulu had scrapped the highly anticipated and anxiety-inducing documentary about Freaknik.

DVSN only aggravated the situation in Jermaine’s comment section.

DVSN comment Jermaine Dupri post

Jermaine Dupri posted a video via his Instagram page and attempted to clarify what is actually happening with the two different documentaries.

He said:

Alright, so I’m reading the comments on the ‘Magic City’ release I just posted.

And I see a lot of people saying, ‘Well, damn!… What happened to the ‘Freaknik’ documentary?…’

As if the ‘Freaknik’ documentary went away and now it’s the “Magic City” documentary, it’s not.

It’s two different documentaries.

It’s a ‘Magic City’ documentary and it’s a ‘Freaknik’ documentary.

Um, I don’t run Hulu!

So I can’t push the gas on getting the documentary on ‘Freaknik’ out fast enough, but I did watch it last week and it’s pretty interesting.

I wish I can tell y’all… Don’t worry about it you’ll have to see it.

But anyway, it’s two different documentaries… ‘Magic City’ and ‘Freaknik.’

They’re both on the way and that’s what’s happening.

See Jermaine Dupri’s original IG post below:

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