Jennifer Williams is now opening up about how a conman stole her Range Rover.

The “Basketball Wives” star took to social media seeking the public’s help in getting her truck back after she says a man named “Aaron Nichols” stole it along with thousands of dollars.

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Jennifer didn’t go into detail about exactly how this dude stole her truck which led me to believe she was in some type of relationship with him and she got “got.”

My spidey senses were correct!

Jennifer and another alleged victim, Remona, recently spoke with “The Breakfast Club‘s” Angela Yee to talk about getting scammed.

Turns out, Jennifer was moving from Los Angeles to Atlanta, but she had two vehicles to transport. Aaron offered to take the Range Rover and put it away for her until she arrived in Atlanta and got settled.

When she called homie to get her truck…he completely ghosted her. Aaron has had her truck since November 2019.

Jennifer said:

When I got settled into my house, I asked him for my car back and he would not give me my car back. He stopped answering my phone calls and my Ranger Rover basically disappeared.

Oh, but it gets worse….

Jennifer pulled Aaron’s Carfax Report (pun intended) and really got some unexpected scoop!

So, what I come to find out in doing a little investigating…

1. He told me his name was Daniel Nichols, which was a lie. His name is actually Aaron Nichols.

The way that I found that out was I had to actually Google his mother’s obituary and that’s when I found what his real name was… 

I realize that this man has been doing this for quite some time. Actually, probably 20 years or so. 

Jennifer told The Jasmine Brand, she also learned Aaron has a whole squad of kids.

I found out he has almost 7 kids. He’s done this to so many women and even his baby mamas – taking their cars, cash, whatever he can get his hands on!

Remona, who Jennifer Williams connected with through an article on Lipstick Alley, says she dated Aaron for six years. 

She didn’t learn about his shiesty shenanigans until she was contacted by one of his baby mamas. 

Watch below. 

Ladies (and Gents), these scammers are outchea pulling stunts like they graduated from the Harvard University of Scamming.

Please be careful, watch your back, and your front.