Jennifer Lopez Praised After Introducing Emme With Gender-Neutral Pronouns

Jennifer Lopez used gender-neutral “they/them” pronouns while introducing her 14-year-old child, Emme, during a performance at the Dodgers Foundation’s Blue Diamond Gala. 

The Grammy Award-winning singer told the Los Angeles audience:

I ask them to sing with me all the time but they won’t, so this is a very special occasion because they’re very, very busy and booked and pricey.

They cost me when they come out.

They’re worth every single penny because they’re my favorite duet partner of all time.

So if you would indulge me.

Jennifer brought out Emma, who had a rainbow microphone in hand, and the two went on to perform a duet of Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years.” (One of my favorite songs.)

Watch clips below courtesy of Christina The Supermom on TikTok.


Jennifer Lopez JLO surprises audience at at the Blue Diamond Gala by the Dodgers foundation. Excuse shaky camera at end I was in shock myself.#jlo #jenniferlopez #jloandemme #dodgersfoundation #bluediamondball #jlosurpriseguest #tmz #jloperformance

♬ original sound – ChristinaTheSupermom

J.Lo received praise for respecting Emme’s pronouns.

Jennifer Lopez welcomed twins, Emme and Maximillian, in 2008 during her marriage to singer and actor Marc Anthony.

Source: Page Six

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