Netflix has released the official trailer for its forthcoming Jennifer Lopez documentary titled, Halftime

About The Documentary:

In the film Halftime, we’ll get a deep (and for many, long awaited) look inside the life of J.Lo — from her acting career to her musical superstardom. 

Much like the diva-led docs of years past, this is more than a simple concert diary: It’s a glimpse into Lopez’s most fiercely protected, private moments — the kind of behind-the-scenes access fans crave. 

In Halftime, Jennifer is giving us a peek behind the curtain — unpacking everything from her iconic 2020 Super Bowl halftime performance with Shakira (get it?) to her journey as a mom, Latinx creative and woman on the other side of 50. 

This is the Jennifer Lopez you don’t see in glossy interviews. 

Premiere Date: 

June 14, 2022

Watch The Trailer: