Pamela McGee and her son, JaVale McGee, who plays in the NBA, recently addressed the “Shaqtin’ A Fool” era on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast, “Club Shay Shay.”

Shaqtin’ A Foul” was a NBA bloopers show Shaq had a few years ago, where he would play low lights of NBA players during the season, and near the end of the NBA regular season he would name a Shaqtin’ A Fool MVP.

JaVale McGee was named Shaqtin’ A Fool MVP two years in a row, 2012-2013, which he said on “Club Shay Shay” really affected his marketability in the NBA.

Mainly, because other teams would not take him seriously because of the bloopers that were displayed on the show.

JaVale’s mom, Pamela McGee, is a real one who tells it like it is, and she knows her basketball.

She is a former WNBA player, she is in the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame (2012 class), she is an Olympic Gold medalist (1984), and she is the first NBA mom to have a son and daughter drafted into the NBA and WNBA.

Pamela didn’t take too kindly at all to her son being clowned on Shaq’s show. She said she had Shaq’s “ghetto card revoked” because he took it too far.

I had his ghetto card revoked!

We as African Americans, and we as athletes, we come from a fraternity, and we got a code.

Now once you break that code… And, also I told JaVale, he forgot, you in the league, I’m from Flint, so I ain’t scared, but he need to know when you went too far.

And, I never apologize for protecting mine.

JaVale didn’t grow up in the hood hood, I grew up in the hood hood.

And, so after that whole experience, Shaq got his ghetto card revoked because he needed to be checked, and he got checked.

Watch the video below (32:13-37:22 minute mark):

JaVale is far removed from those blooper days, he is currently a 3x NBA Champion, and he has a NBA reputation of an athletic defensive center who can score easily in the paint.

He will be suiting up for the Phoenix Suns this upcoming NBA season.

Shouts out to Pamela McGee for keeping it real and instilling some great morals and values into her children.

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