Jason Mitchell is set to portray Sean Bell in a forthcoming biopic, 50 Shots

Sean was killed in 2006 shortly after celebrating his bachelor party with his father and two friends in Jamaica, Queens. 

Undercover cops were investigating a nearby strip club and assumed the men were armed so they recklessly opened fire on their car.

The film is titled 50 Shots about the amount of bullets cops fired when Sean was killed. 

Four years later, the city settled with the Bell family for $7 million and all of the cops involved in his shooting death were acquitted. 

According to Urban Hollywood 411, Jason Mitchell will also executive produce the film, which is written and produced by Tru of TruVision Films.

The film is currently in pre-production and will be filmed on location in Queens. 

Jason excitedly took to social media to announce his new role with Sean Bell’s father by his side. 

Watch below:

I’m very excited about this project and the fact that Sean Bell’s story will be told. 

Congratulations to Jason Mitchell. What a major way to get his career back on track.

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