Jasmine Guy stopped by the “Tamron Hall Show” to discuss her new role on Amazon Prime’s new series “Harlem,” and the conversation morphed into some insightful facts about Jasmine’s life.

Jasmine revealed that she felt she was forced to make her financial struggles public following her public divorce.

She became emotional while talking about not being sure if she would be able to take care of herself and her child financially.

It was forced upon me. I felt like I got outed and therefore had to address some of the issues that were going on… not only with the divorce but with me having to recuperate financially from it, as well.

Money provides security. I didn’t want money to go shopping. I wanted me and my kid to be okay.

And I have a lot of love in my life… I have a lot of support.

Because it’s a horrible feeling not to feel like you’re going to be okay and you’ll be able to take care of your kid.

That’s real simple… With the help of her godparents, my parents, all my friends, my sister, you know… the love in my life is very strong.

Jasmine Guy is in a much better financial space now and she is currently playing Quinn’s mother, Patricia, on Amazon Prime’s new series “Harlem.”

Tamron revealed that Jasmine cared for Tupac at her apartment in 1994, after he was shot, and she formed a friendship with Pac, and a bond with his mother Afeni Shakur, which led to her writing Afeni’s memoir.

Jasmine expounded:

I met Tupac because he was friends with Jada and he did an episode of “A Different World” and we were just all hanging out.

And when he was shot, he felt vulnerable at the hospital, at Bellevue, because he didn’t know who shot him in the first place and then could find him. 

And I had an apartment and it was a good hiding place because people didn’t even know we were friends. 

But Afeni was very vulnerable when I met her because the whole family was in trauma, you know, with Tupac being shot, and we just kind of got close very quickly because of the situation and the circumstances.

And I said to her ‘you know you have a lot to give still why don’t we do a movie and like you could do a speaking tour’, and she really wanted to write a book because she wanted to talk… I wanted to just talk about her years as a Panther in that two-year period when she was incarcerated, and defended herself, and they were acquitted, and she was pregnant with Tupac I mean it is a movie, it’s still a movie, by the way.

But she wanted to talk more about her life before and after the Panthers because that was only two years.

And, she did suffer from crack addiction, and her recovery, and she said ‘I want to tell people my truth because there are a lot of people like me and they need to know that you can get over… you can get through this.’

There were parts of the book that I tried to back up off of, and she made me write it.

She said, ‘If we’re not going to do this all the way we don’t have to do it because I’m not in… you know I don’t need the money I need the truth to get out.’

Watch the video below:

Wow! Tupac was hiding out in Whitley’s apartment. If Lena James had found out…